"The former post house in Posieux, burnt down in 1990, has given way to a true monument to the wonders of modern hospitality. On the outside, nothing’s changed. But once through the entrance to the main building, it’s a veritable village, the village of La Croix Blanche, which welcomes you with its streets, covered walkways, gardens, passageways and terraces separating the areas dedicated to hotel and guesthouse facilities, dining, an artisanal brasserie and meeting rooms."

M. Galley

The hotel residence

La Croix Blanche hotel residence, built in 2017 on the old bed of the river Sarine, is perfectly integrated into this convivial meeting place. Once through the entrance of the main building, one is surrounded by wonderfully authentic aromas, coming from the kitchen, from the master butcher’s rotisserie and from the beer brewed daily on site. Winding paths lead us to La Croix Blanche hotel and guesthouse, constructed from the best local materials and reflecting a genuine respect for the environment. The view from the shaded balconies and roof terraces is breathtaking… one can see the beautiful garden of La Croix Blanche, the birds in the trees, the huge outdoor grill on its trolley, and further off, beyond the rape fields and the footpaths that go along the Sarine, the snow-capped peaks of the Fribourg Prealps. 

Come and soak up the atmosphere of La Croix Blanche, whether you are a guest passing through, looking for a lodging that is ready to occupy for a fixed period or a holiday home in the area! La Croix Blanche hotel residence, with its twelve sets of accommodation, has been conceived and designed for the enjoyment and satisfaction of its clientele, whether business or leisure.

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